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The term retrofitting refers to the modification of an existing structure (property) or device for the purpose of increased safety, efficiency or energy conservation. Retrofitting a home is a process that ties a home together. It increases the resistance to earthquake damage and the risk of injury. In short, it significantly strengthens your home.


A safe home is one that can withstand earthquake shocking forces and is a home built on a firm foundation. By securely fastening the house to the foundation and securely connecting the house components together, the chances of withstanding the next earthquake and keeping you and your loved ones safe from harm are greatly improved.


New Foundations

The construction of a new building or a room addition will require a new foundation. New foundation work also includes the complete or partial replacement of a failing and unsalvageable foundation of existing buildings.

Contractors Simi Valley offers complete services for the placement of a new foundation for new structures. We can provide geotechnical coordination and reports, pre-construction processing, lot clearing, grading, excavation, form setting and all related concrete work.


Whether your home needs foundation replacement in Simi Valley, Contractors Simi Valley can help. If your home has suffered from foundation problems over the years, Contractors Simi Valley can dispatch our team of professionals to your location.


Our List of Services include:

  • Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Replacement
  • Earthquake Retrofitting
  • Broken Slabs
  • Drainage
  • House Bolting
  • Re-roofing
  • Caissons and Grade Beams
  • Stucco and Drywalls
  • Solar Electric Systems
  • House Leveling
  • Underpinning
  • Retaining Walls
  • Stamp Concrete
  • General Construction
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We had a wonderful remodeling experience with you and your staff. Your design satisfied all our requirement and met our expectation. Everyone you sent was very professional. The quality of the material was so good that our bathroom looks like an elegant mansion bathroom. For the price we paid, it is unbelievably good. We are very happy with your work. The project was done on time and on budget. I would highly recommend you for any job. Thank you for your very professional service.

-J. Cousino